Classic Rock Society # 181

Fright Night "The Play Of Pain"

Superb debut album from an exciting new Russian five-piece goth-rock band. They look vaguely Byronesque, and you'd certainly fit their dark, melodramatic music in with that. Alexey Ousiyenko has a deadpan, just-risen-from-the-grave sort of voice which is perfect for their subject matter; female vocalist Marianna Lukianova, who also adds some nice hard-edged rock guitar, is the more melodic of the two; and together they lead us through one grim landscape after another.

Their compositions are powerful and imaginative-actually, not too far removed from prog in parts, and the band play superbly. What clinches it for me, though, is the use of Irina Lebedenko's beautiful piano, which is used to drive the songs every bit as much as the guitars are. Not quite as metallic as Stream Of Passion, and not quite as operatic or grand as Within Temptation - but fans of both those two bands will find plenty to enjoy here.


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