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Fright Night "Life Eternal"


(Self Release) Reviewed 6th August 2014

The standard of music that comes our way continues to keep us here at Ravenheart Towers happy but busy. The only issue we have is poor old beleaguered Ravenheart Dave trying to keep up with it all, hence myself popping into HQ and doing this review myself. Anyway, the latest addition to the reviews rosta here is Frightnight from Moscow. Having already released the rather good 'The Play Of Pain', they now have entered the fray again with this little 9 track epic called 'Life Eternal'. This is Gothic by the true sense of the words, featuring dual male/female vocals - Gothy, dark but clean male vox are delivered by Alexey Ovsiyenko and female vocals by Marianna Lukyanova, just as they did on 'The Play Of Pain'. These two interacted really well then, and the good interplay work continues here. Some great tracks on this recording including the opener 'Cherry Blossom', the mid paced pounding 'Infernity', the brooding 'Fatality' and the impressive near 7 minute 'Galatea'. Do yourselves a favour and check the band out at their Facebook here. Rather good throughout me thinks! 8.5/10

(Rachel Louise Smith)

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