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Fright Night "Life Eternal"


Russian Metal rarely gets a decent look in by it's Western contemporaries, so when Fright Night unveils the follow-up to their debut album 'The Play of Pain', they are sure to shock the masses. This Gothic Metal outfit employs a rather unique vocal combination, that is they use angelic female vocals alongside clean male vocals; unlike some bands who opt for growling. Maybe it is coincidental, but the vibe experienced on 'Life Eternal' matches up with the band name, as if the music was written for a Halloween opera. For a band who will be celebrating 10 years in 2015, this album certainly oozes intricate ideas that flow through the blissful riffs, elegant vocals and powerful drumming compositions, make no mistake as Fright Night's 'Life Eternal' is a contender for Russian Metal album of the year.

(Rhys Stevenson)

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