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Fright Night "The Play Of Pain"

Gothic metal is by no means my cup of tea, so I can’t give you much information about the influences that this Russian band has. So let me tell you what exactly I received by listening to this release. First of all I liked a lot that the band has nothing to do with the modern trends that rule this genre. So, you won’t listen to another EVANESCENCE or NIGHTWISH clone. The band emphasizes on creating music by using piano and some medieval tunes and they use the rock/metal instruments in order to make some parts more intense. The classical dialogues between male and female vocals exist here too, but in a strange way they manage to give the theatrical/dramatic atmosphere they want to their album contrary to other bands that can’t do it. ‛The Play of Pain“ gives me the sense of an album that has quality and differs from most gothic rock/metal works that are released lately. For me the best thing about this album is the theatrical atmosphere it has, which for sure can be described as gothic. The fans of this kind of sound, should try to check them out and make their own decision…

Nick "Verkaim" Parastatidis
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