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Fright Night "The Play Of Pain"

Fright Night is a young Russian quintet made of 3 guys on vocals, drums and bass and 2 girls taking care of guitars and keys. I have here their debut album, a 10 tracks effort lasting for 1 hour of a quite depressive form of Gothic Rock with massive touches of Theatrical / Darkwave and Progressive elements all over. The music is mostly calm and meditative, but it has its energetic parts as well. The best parts in their music are for sure Alexey's deep and sombre vocals, perfect for this kind of music, and the keyboard parts which although used as backgrounds only drive the whole music after them. The music is very interesting, with many rhythm changes and the instruments although they seem to go in totally different directions they still find a common point in the end. I would give this album a maximum rating for the compositions, simply brilliant. The only problem on this band, as I see it, is the fact that Marianna plays both guitars and female vocals, and since she is the only one in the band filling the first instrument (in these cases usually there are 2 guitarists), I guess it's quite hard for her to concentrate on both. Her guitar playing is great, very melodic and inspired, but I cannot say the same for her vocal parts, I don't think her Russian accent will be welcomed open arms by Americans and Europeans. I would have liked a bit more of her guitar solos.

To sum it up, we have here a very, very interesting debut album recommended to all of you into Gothic, Darkwave, or other melodic genres like these. If they keep working on it, Fright Night will be a new star of the Russian (and not only) Gothic scene.


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