Fright Night "The Play Of Pain"


Fright Night is a gothic rock project by singer, guitarist and composer Marianna ‘Winter’ Lukyanova and her band. She is joined on lead vocals by Alexey ‘Ergil’ Ovsiyenko who has an extraordinary deep voice akin to Brad Roberts of Crash Test Dummies fame, and his spoken passages are especially effective and atmospheric. It is a welcome change to have a male vocalist who actually sings rather than growls, I wish more gothic band would take note. Marianna also has a deep dramatic voice, so you get double deepness, an unusual combination. Their music is a unique blend of The Fields of Nephilm, gothic era Damned, The Mission, Lacrimosa, Skeletal Family, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Lou Reed, Camel and Ennio Morricone spaghetti western. ‘His Death’, ‘The Blood’, ‘We Will Go’, ‘The Cross and the Pyre’, ‘Black’ and my favourite ‘The Letter of the End’ are all multi faceted songs with a wide variety of textures and tones, from the melancholic to the rocking. The mournful ‘The Summon’ features just Winter and piano, and the ghostly ‘Two Roses’ has Ergil narrating over a backing of Winter’s flanged guitar arpeggios and howling winds. ‘Rainbow Demon’ is a cover of the song by that behemoth of British heavy rock, Uriah Heep, which they turn into a spaghetti western, I expected a dust covered Lee Van Cleef to walk through the door! The most remarkable song is ‘Christopher Lee’, Ergil’s narrated paean to the master of horror with the equally deep voice, which sounds like the sort of off kilter lounge jazz that Leonard Cohen does so well. The highly melodic music is full of superb keyboards, and Winter’s guitar work is most excellent, especially her solo on ‘The Letter of the End’. A special mention must also be made of the deep and very poetic lyrics. I will sum it up as progressive spaghetti gothic jazz alt rock, which just about covers all bases. The obvious customer base is gothic rocks fans, but it will also appeal to fans of off beat artists like Leonard Cohen. Available from CD Baby, and their Myspace is www.myspace.com/frightnightband . Frightfully good stuff.


Reviewed by Phil

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